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The Viagra of the Amazon

Acai: The Viagra of the Amazon

By Loren Franck

American Curves Magazine- August 2004

Searching for the secret of sexual success? Then you’ll love this explosive Brazilian passion fruit.
Faster! Harder! Longer!
It’s the mantra of sexually successful men. But when it’s time to please women in the bedroom, action says it all. And however lovely your lady is, you’ll occasionally need help to satisfy her.
You can try today’s fastest-selling virility drugs and their ever-emerging army of wannabes. They’ll keep you up – and coming – but at a price. These drugs, which are very expensive, also unleash a host of unpleasant side effects. On the other hand, meditation, visualization and other psychological techniques might also power up your libido. But then again, they might not, so why chance it? When you approach that explosive climactic moment whit a woman, it’s time to get it up and get it on.
Fortunately, to ensure perfect performance in the bedroom, a new elixir of love is a cause for celebration among for sexual singles and married couples. It’s name? Acai (“ah-sigh-ee”). An unusual moniker? Perhaps. An extremely effective aphrodisiac for sexually successful men? Definitely!
Although new to the modern world, acai has been a dietary staple of Amazon Indians for centuries. In fact, it was such a potent energy booster that these legendary warriors ate it before going to battle.
And today, as in previous generations, Amazon Indians grind acai pulp, extract the seeds and make paste. Then they eat it with fish and other indigenous food. One of the world’s most nutritious fruits, acai grows wild on Brazil’s endless array of palm trees.
The ancient Amazons knew a good thing when they saw it. The power-packed fruit provided all the energy necessary for even the deadliest skirmishes. And though today’s men fight battles of a different kind (most notably between the sheets), the passion fruit paves the way to victory. Indeed, today’s conquistadores crave acai.
However, the benefits of acai aren’t limited to the boudoir. The fruit energizes your entire body, says Jeremy Black, vice president of Sambazon, which is the world’s leading supplier of the lovemaking fuel. He and his brother Ryan launched the company in 2000 after eating acai in Brazil. Both were astounded at the fruit powerful punch, so they decided to market acai throughout North America. If it sold well, they promised each other, they would distribute their product worldwide. And now, only four years later, acai is burgeoning in popularity throughout North America and every other continent. “ Eating acai is like building a fire”, Jeremy explains. “The fruit’s sugar and guarana are like paper that ignites and gets you pumping. Acai’s fats, which are healthy, are like logs. Slow burning, they’re also exceptionally hot. The paper heats the logs, so to speak, and the logs burn for hours. That’s your metabolism on acai.”
Sugar and guarana jump-start the process. And the fats, which burn four to six hours after ingestion, supply high-quality sustained energy. So, whatever your physical activity, your body keeps going and going – and going. But elevated endurance and increased physical energy aren’t acai’s only selling points. It also lavishes devotees with sharper mental focus and vastly improved well-being – two priceless assets when winning with women.
Brandon Southward, who became friends with the Sambazon president Ryan Black during their football-playing days at the University of Colorado, has been living on acai for nearly four years. Like the love fruit’s growing number of converts, he likes how it increases his physical energy. But he loves how it makes him feel. “I’m much more positive about myself after I eat acai,” Southward maintains. “Because the fruit dramatically increases my energy and alertness, eating it is a wonderful way to start a day. ‘What ‘s your secret to remaining so alert and active?’ people ask. But there’s nothing secret about it. I simply eat acai. Its protein, fat, guarana and antioxidants provide high-performance body fuel. And just like a racecar, the more potent the fuel, the more impressive the performance.”
Is acai the ultimate aphrodisiac? It may well be. Will it transform you from a prayer to a player in the bedroom? No doubt about it. The sexual payoffs from eating the fruit are becoming infamous among men-and the women they love. Ryan Black, who touts acai throughout the globe, has collected numerous anecdotes that establish the fruit’s miraculous sexual power.
One of his most telling tales occurred in Florida, where he recently preached the gospel of acai at a fitness festival. After the event’s opening night, Black encountered an exhausted security guard. “More than anything, he wanted to go home and sleep,” Black recalls. “But I gave him two packets of acia and said, ‘Mix these in a blender with some juice and drink it down. You’ll feel better.”
The two men met again the following morning. The guard was so excited that Black thought something was wrong. “His first words to me were, ‘Thank you for the acai,’” a smiling Black remembers. Then, flashing a huge boyish grin, the guard added, “My wife thanks you too. She can’t thank you enough.” After his acai smoothie, he kept her busy for quite a while.
This erotic power has also become breaking news in the Big Apple. Richard Matusow, who represents Sambazon on the East Coast, says some of New York’s trendiest nightclubs are offering “sex on the roof”-a tasty concoction of acai, Kahlua and vanilla. Not surprisingly, it’s the talk of the town, and similar cocktails are receiving rave reviews in Chicago, Los Angeles and Toronto. What makes acai such sexual dynamite? “It’s the guarana,” claims Matusow. “Acai has the ideal amount to promote optimal performance.” Indeed, droves of acai aficionados enjoy explosive sex after eating the fruit. They engage longer, more frequently-and more passionately. Each liaison results in pristine pleasure.
Although virility drugs surfaced in the nineties, they continue to burden users with side effects. For instances, one well-known pill can cause blurred vision, headaches and red, warm skin (a condition known as “flushing”). The effects of another synthetic libido booster can last for an interminable 36 hours. What’s worse, it can cause backache, headache and upset stomach.
A naturally nourishing food, acai has no negative side effects. And because it’s nontoxic, you can safely let appetite (and amorous opportunity) mental clarity and erotic effects from acai last about six hours, which is perfect for most men, and the fruit’s onsest of energy is pleasantly gradual. “Acai does turn men into sexual dynamos,” insists Ryan Black, who tracks consumers who are delighted with the fruit’s passion-producing perks. “We have many satisfied customers in that respect. The combination of guarana and acai is a powerful aphrodisiac. It prepares you for everything physical and puts you in the best possible mental framework.”
When preparing for passion, it’s best to eat acai 30 minutes beforehand, Black suggests. The standard close is a 100 gram packet. But when you seek complete sexual ecstasy, two or three packets might be better, especially if you weigh more than 200 pounds. And though you can eat the frozen fruit and yogurt, some couples like to share acai smoothies. However you ingest the passion fruit, though, it will pack a wallop. That’s why Brandon Southward eats it frequently. “I have so many daily servings of acai that it’s sometimes hard to use a blender,” he explains, “So I occasionally enjoy it straight from the packet, just as I would a healthy Popsicle. Throughout a typical day, I might eat a packet every 90 minutes. But when near a blender, I combine acai with blueberries, soy milk, and other nutritional ingredients.” For Southward, though, the ultimate way to eat the fruit is in a bowl. “Nothing compares to a bowl of acai and granola,” he vows. And when that happens, evening fireworks will follow. “Acai is becoming a worldwide phenomenon,” observes Ryan Black, who, after consuming hundreds of packets, still relishes in the fruit’s taste. “People are buying acai in incredible quantities, and there’s a huge market for it throughout North America, Europe, Australia and Asia.”
Ancient Amazon warriors ate acai right before battle-and they conquered every foe. Their consumption of acai resembles a religious rite. The energizing “acai high” made them feel invincible. Fortunately, the present-day bedroom battles of today’s men don’t involve hand-to-hand combat. However, your thrill of victory can be just as sweet as that of the ancient Amazons. Sound too good to be true? Not when you eat acai.

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