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Acai Berry Scams and How to Avoid Them

Doesn't it seem like every email you get these days is for another Acai Berry supplement that guarantees you will lose 30 pounds in a week? What about the claims that Oprah and Dr. Oz use Acai as their secret weight loss weapon? To top it all off, most of these Acai emails claim you can get their Acai supplement for free. Is it true or just an acai berry scam? This is what we will discuss in this article.

Are the Free Acai Berry Supplements Really Free?

No! You will see many acai berry supplements that claim to offer a free trial. The way it works is that you enter your credit card to just pay $3.95 for shipping and then you get a free trial of Acai. It all sounds like a good deal until you read the fine print hidden about 10 pages deep in their "Terms of Service". It turns out that by agreeing to the "free trial" you are also signing up to have an Acai supplement mailed to you every 30 days and billed $70 - $90 a month. What about the free trial bottle you are getting? If you don't cancel within 14 days you will be billed for that bottle as well!

Wow - it sounds like these acai berry free trial deals are a scam - right?

Some may call these free trial deals Acai Berry scams. Others will see them as maybe misleading but not scams. Our view is that the terminology is not that important, what is important is that consumers know the facts so they can fairly compare Acai supplements.

On January 5, 2009 the Better Business Bureau (BBB) issued a warning to consumers about Acai companies that are using misleading sales and marketing practices. The issue the BBB had was with the failure of these Acai "free trial" companies to fairly and accurately display the fact that consumers will be billed a monthly fee and need to cancel their "membership" or they could face charges of over $90 a month.

But what about the Acai Supplements that are Endorsed by Oprah and Dr. Oz?

While there are numerous sites claiming or implying that Oprah and/or Dr. Oz endorsed their Acai berry supplement - this is just not true. Let's be very clear about this - Oprah and Dr. Oz have never endorsed or recommended any acai supplements.

It it true that Oprah, Dr. Oz and Dr. Perricone have had very positive things to say about the Acai berry supplement, they simply never endorsed any Acai supplement. To learn the truth about what Oprah really said about Acai please...

I Saw that Julia Miller, a Health Reporter from News 7 Health (or News 6 Health), Lost Tons of Weight with Acai - Is this Real?

No! In one of the more disgusting scams out there - we have found a number of fake news sites, with fake reporters - making untrue weight loss claims. The "news site" is called Health News 7 or Health News 6 - the "reporter" is Julia Miller. It is all made up and a complete scam (read our full blog post on this Julia Miller Health news acai scam here).

What About Denise Randall, Health Reporter for US Medical Journal - is Her Acai Weight Loss Story True?

No! Just like the Julia Miller Health News scam we show above, this is another made up news journal with a made up reporter. Take a look at our segment below and you will see that the photo they show for "Nutritionist and weight loss consultant Denise Randall, our guest columnist for US Medical Journal..." is actually a photo of Ann Curry from the Today Show!

Watch the US Medical Journal Acai Weight Loss Scam

So are all Acai Berry Supplements a scam?

No! You didn't think this whole article would be bad news - did you? While you need to be very careful to avoid the acai berry scams, you still can find terrific acai supplements. In order to help consumers shop for Acai supplements without having to worry about being scammed we launched our Perfect Acai Consumer Bill of Rights...

Consumer Rights Guaranteed

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