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How does Perfect Acai compare to other Acai products?

We understand there are a number of Acai supplements and products on the market. In this article we will examine how Perfect Acai™ compares to the other Acai supplements.

Is there really that big a difference between Acai supplements?

Yes! As we discuss in the getting Acai out of the Amazon article, Acai is very perishable. Within 24 hours of being picked, the Acai berry will begin to turn rancid. If you want an Acai supplement that maintains the nutritional benefits of the Acai berry it must be freeze dried within 24 hours of being picked.

An Acai supplement can only be as good as its Acai. We know this sounds like a riddle, but we have seen numerous Acai supplements in beautiful jars, with lovely graphics and well designed web sites. These companies spare no expense when it comes to marketing their products, but they do NOT use Earthfruits Freeze Dried Acai. They use cheap and inferior Acai 4:1 Extracts and Spray Dried Acai. All the marketing and graphics in the world can not make up for using inferior Acai.

Perfect Acai™ uses only 100% Pure Earthfruits Organic Freeze Dried Acai.

Why is Perfect Acai™ so expensive?

Some people look at Perfect Acai™ and think it is expensive. They look around and see that some other Acai supplements are selling for $15. The problem is "the $15 Acai Supplement" is never made with Earthfruits Freeze Dried Acai. Cheap Acai supplements are often made with Acai Extract (4:1) or Spray Dried Acai. As we discuss in the "Are all Acai Supplements Equal" article there are lots of tricks to make cheap and ineffective Acai.

The whole process of freeze drying Acai berries within 24 hours of picking them is expensive. Earthfruits has partnered with the top freeze drying facility in Brazil (Liotecnica) to ensure the fresh Acai berries can be freeze dried within hours of being picked. In addition, Earthfruits is a Fair Trade company - meaning they pay a fair wage to the people of the Amazon, a wage they can live on. It is not uncommon for Earthfruits to pay twice the market price for Acai to ensure the local growers can live on their wages. Remember, the idea is to have Acai as a sustainable food source and it is only sustainable if the locals can make a fair living harvesting Acai.

In the end, which is the better deal - a $15 Acai Supplement that has no nutritional value or a $39 Acai Supplement that packs all the nutrition of fresh picked Acai berries?

Why is Perfect Acai™ so affordable?

Interestingly, we get this question too. If you know something about Acai, and know the importance of only buying Earthfruits Acai, you may wonder how Perfect Acai™ can be so cheap! Look around in Whole Foods or online and you will see most companies sell 60 capsules of freeze dried Acai for more than we sell 120 capsules.

How can we offer such a good deal on Earthfruits Acai? We keep things simple. We buy the Acai direct from Earthfruits and put it in capsules, bottle it and label it. No middle men, no multi level marketing, no extra layers to add costs. We also do not spend much money on advertising. We rely on word of mouth from our educated clients to sell our products. With Perfect Acai - you are just paying for the best Acai that money can buy - nothing else.

How does Perfect Acai™ compare to a 4:1 Acai Extract?

As we discuss in our "Are All Acai Supplements Equal" article, the whole idea of an extract for Acai makes very little sense. The whole Acai Berry contains nutrients, so you don't want to just extract one element of the Acai berry. Perfect Acai™ is NOT an extract - it uses 100% freeze dried acai so it captures all the nutrients of the Acai berry.

To make things more confusing (don't you just love confusion?) - many companies use the term "extract" incorrectly. Some companies say that their 4:1 Extract means that 4 grams of Acai pulp are used to make 1 gram of Acai powder. The correct term for this would be a concentrate - not extract.

While MOST companies use a 4 to 1 concentrate of Acai pulp to Acai powder, Perfect Acai™ uses a 7 to 1 concentrate of Acai pulp to powder. Gram per gram, 50% more Acai is used to make Perfect Acai™ than 4:1 Acai powders.

What about Product X, how does it compare to Perfect Acai™?

There are too many Acai products on the market to do a direct comparison with each product. Instead, we ask that you ask these questions when looking at an Acai supplement:

  • Does it use 100% Pure Earthfruits Organic Freeze Dried Acai?
  • Does it use Veggie Capsules?
  • Does it provide 120 capsules, with 500mg of Pure Freeze Dried Organic Acai per capsule?
  • Is the only listed ingredient freeze dried Organic Acai (you don't want to see other ingredients like magnesium stearate, rice, silica, etc)?
  • Do they offer a 100% Money Back Guarantee - return an empty bottle and get your money back?
  • Is the Acai Fair Trade and Sustainable?
  • Is the Acai Certified Organic?
  • Does the Acai test out an ORAC value of over 70,000 per 100 grams?
If you answered No to any of the above questions, the product is not at the same quality as Perfect Acai.

What about all the Acai juices on the market, how do they compare?

If you have searched the web for Acai you have no doubt come across many Acai juice blends. While there are some quality juice products (Sambazon makes one) - the majority contain a number of other fruits and just a small trace of Acai. If you read the labels carefully, you will see you are paying a lot for an "acai juice" that contains very little Acai.

The other thing you will notice is the vast majority of Acai juice sites are Multi Level Marketing (MLM) operations. This is the deal where you buy some Acai juice and then try to get all your friends to buy so you can all retire and live on some island. While some MLM programs are legitimate, we just don't feel most of the MLM Acai websites provide useful and unbiased information.

What we find very frustrating is that most Acai Juices are made using a proprietary formula. This simply means they do NOT tell you how much of each ingredient is in the juice. If you want to do a fair side by side comparison of our Perfect Acai to any Acai Juice, you really need the manufacturer of the juice to give you some specifics on what is in the juice...

If you want to compare an Acai Juice to our Perfect Acai, please have the Acai Juice company answer these questions:

  1. How many grams of Acai are in the Acai Juice?
  2. Is the Acai freeze dried, Spray Dried or Acai Puree?
  3. If the juice does contain some amount of Freeze Dried Acai - how much does it contain?
  4. Is the Acai Juice tested to show it is stable?
  5. Do they get 100% of their Acai from Earthfruits?
  6. If they answered NO to Question 5 you need to get the following questions answered...
    • Is their Acai frozen within 18 hours of being picked?
    • Is the Acai processed in a facility that adheres to all GMP and FDA guidelines and has strict quality control?
  7. Is the Acai Certified Organic?
  8. Is the Acai Fair Trade and Sustainable?
  9. Do they offer a 100% Money Back Guarantee - return an empty bottle and get your money back?

If you can get your Acai Juice company to answer all the above questions - then you can easily compare it to what you are getting in the Perfect Acai.

Buyer Beware: Acai Seeds - Fine for Fuel
NOT for Food!
The Acai berry is 90% seed, with only 10% of the berry edible. In the Amazon Rainforest, they eat the skin and pulp of the Acai berry and discard the seed. All the research and nutritional information we discuss is based on just the Acai berry skin and pulp. When you hear Dr. Perricone, Dr. Oz and every other expert discuss the amazing nutritional profile of the Acai berry - they are talking about just the skin and pulp.

Companies that make legitimate Acai products of course use only the Acai skin and pulp (of course the Perfect Acai is made just with Acai skin and pulp). These companies have come up with creative uses for the Acai seed - they make Acai necklaces and even burn the seeds as a renewable energy source. The one thing that no legitimate Acai supplier would ever do is crush the Acai seeds and sell them as juice or supplement.

Unfortunately, it has come to our attention that a number of companies are selling Acai products that contain the Acai seed. These products therefore contain 90% less Acai (as defined by the edible portion) than Acai products that use only the skin and pulp. Consumers that ingest Acai seed products are consuming a product that has been the subject of very little research and in no way reflects how the indigenous people of the Amazon Rainforest have enjoyed Acai for thousands of years.

Our recommendation - steer clear of any product that is made with the Acai seed!

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What if despite everything you say I still don't like the Perfect Acai™?

Just return it and get your money back. Unlike many of our competitors, we offer a full money back guarantee. Try a bottle of Perfect Acai™, if you are not happy just return the empty bottle for a full refund (only shipping is non-refundable). Simply put, if you're not happy - we are not happy.

Look closely at our competitors "money back guarantee". The fine print will often explain "only unopened bottles may be returned". Some also charge a 20% restocking fees. In our opinion, if you are selling a quality Acai supplement you should have no problem offering a real money back guarantee.


We know you have many choices when it comes to Acai supplements. With Perfect Acai™ you get a product that is made with 100% Pure Earthfruits Organic Freeze Dried Acai and nothing else. Perfect Acai™ does not not engage in splashy and expensive ad campaigns, so the price for the Acai is very reasonable. If you are interested in trying Acai, we hope you will give Perfect Acai™ a try.

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