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Earthfruits - THE - source for quality Acai

With the popularity of Acai it seems like new companies are coming out of the woodwork everyday, claiming to supply quality Acai products. Earthfruits has partnered with the leaders in Acai production in Brazil to become a world leader in quality, and socially responsible, acai.

What is Earthfruits?

Earthfruits is an Acai supplier with operations in the USA and Brazil. What has impressed us about Earthfruits is the way they work with the local people of Brazil to help them benefit from the Acai trade. Some US companies will just go down to Brazil, harvest Acai and then bring it back to the USA and try to process it. This seems unfair to the people of Brazil and the Amazon rainforest who work so hard to pick the Acai berries and in addition, it usually leads to an Acai product that is of lower quality.

The approach Earthfruits takes is very different - they partner with the people and companies in Brazil. Earthfruits benefits from this relationship by learning from the locals and having the freshest and purest Acai available (because it is processed locally in Brazil). The people of the Amazon benefit from this relationship by directly profiting from the success of Acai berry products and from learning the business aspect from Earthfruits.

Earthfruits has done an amazing job of bringing together the top Acai growers and manufactures to create a scenario that produces the highest quality Acai, profits for the indigenous people of the Amazon and a socially responsible business.

Does the Earthfruits practice of harvesting Acai help the Rainforest of hurt it?


Earthfruits supplies certified Organic and fairly trade sustainable Acai. Okay, let's put that sentence in english that we can all understand...

The Amazon rainforest is being deforested at an alarming rate. Unfortunately, most of the awareness programs and fund raisers have done little to stop the problems in the Amazon rainforest. The reason is simple economics, the indigenous people of the Amazon rainforest need to make a living wage. Selling lumber has been one of the most profitable businesses for the people of the Amazon and this is why the rainforest has been deforested to a great extent.

Earthfruits Acai operations are "fairly traded and sustainable" - this simply means that they pay a fair living wage to the people of the Amazon that harvest the Acai Berry. In addition, they help with education and training to make sure the Acai is Organic and that all harvesting is done in a way that does NO harm to the Acai palm tree (this is the sustainable part).

For too long, environmentalist and capitalist have been at odds in the Amazon - but Acai completely changes this! The local people of the Amazon now actually make more money harvesting the Acai berries each year, then they would chopping down the Acai Palm trees and selling them as lumber.

So, when you purchase a product made with sustainable and fairly traded Acai, you are helping yourself, the Amazon Rainforest and the local people of Brazil.

I am all for helping the Rainforest, but how is the quality of Earthfruits Acai?

Earthfruits Acai is simply outstanding in terms of quality. Earthfruits has established partnerships with the growers and manufacturers in Brazil that allow it to produce incredible Acai. Earthfruits has contracts with the three largest Acai berry suppliers in Brazil. By working with companies like Bony Acai (located right in the Amazon Rainforest), Earthfruits is able to ensure that Acai is frozen within 12-18 hours from when it is picked.

Earthfruits also works with Liotecnica - a Brazilian company who has been in the food dehydration business for over 45 years. Liotecnica is one of the pioneers in the freeze dry technology and has incredible expertise when it comes to freeze drying Acai. By working with Liotecnica in Brazil, Earthfruits ensures that the Acai is freeze dried at the absolute highest quality.

Earthfruits Acai has the following advantages:

  • Organic Freeze Dried Acai
  • ORAC value of over 700 per gram of freeze dried Acai
  • No seeds are used - just the skin and pulp of the Acai Berry
  • All Acai is frozen within 12-18 hours of being picked
  • Works with the largest Acai growers in Brazil
  • Acai processed in state of the art facilities
  • Fairly Traded and Sustainable Acai practices
  • Employees local Brazilian workers so they can profit directly from the Acai trade
  • Involved in education and assistants programs to help the indigenous people of the Amazon Rainforest

Is Earthfruits model of Fair Trade and Sustainability working?

Oh Yes! There is no longer a division between environmentalist and capitalist - they are now one in the same. As we said, residents of the Amazon Rainforest can actually make more money by harvesting Acai than by selling the trees as lumber. This is so amazing to us, we will say it again - it is more PROFITABLE for locals to maintain the trees in the Amazon Rainforest than it is to chop down the trees and sell the wood.


If you are looking for quality Acai, you want Earthfruits Acai. If you are looking for a company that is having a positive impact on the environment and the planet, you want Earthfruits Acai. If you are looking for a company that helps the people of the Amazon Rainforest, you will love Earthfruits Acai.

Clearly, we love Acai and more specifically we love Earthfruits Acai. The only question left - what supplement contains Earthfruits Acai at a fair price? Perfect Acai™ - and we talk about it here

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