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How does Perfect Acai™ compare
to Acai Juices?

While we like to stay positive and just focus on the benefits of Perfect Acai™ - we have received so many questions about various Acai Juices on the market that we decided it was time to write an article on how the Perfect Acai compares to Acai Juice products.

There are many different Acai Juices are on the market, so rather than look at just one brand we will give some guidelines on how to best judge any Acai product.

The best way to compare the Perfect Acai with any Acai juice is to ask some basic questions that our customers ask us everyday. We will answer the questions for our Perfect Acai and then you should go to any Acai Juice company and ask them to answer these same questions. Once you have all the information you can make a fair comparison.

What ingredients are in your product?

Perfect Acai contains just one ingredient - 100% Organic Freeze Dried Earthfruits Acai. There is nothing proprietary or secret about our formula - we provide pure freeze dried Acai.

Acai Juices :
It is rare to find an Acai Juice that contains just Acai with no other ingredients. Most Acai Juices contain a proprietary blend of ingredients. You want to look closely at the label to see what other ingredients are mixed in with the Acai. In order to get a certain taste profile, many acai juices will mix in sweeteners and other fruits.

How much Acai is in your product?

Perfect Acai contains 1,000mg (1 gram) of 100% freeze dried Earthfruits Organic Acai per serving. There are 60 servings in a bottle. Most clients do 2 servings a day, so they get 2 grams of Acai per day and 1 bottle last 30 days.

Acai Juices :
The majority of Acai Juices are made with a proprietary blend of ingredients. Simply put, they don't tell you exactly how much Acai is in each serving. If your goal is to take Acai, shouldn't your Acai juice list how much Acai is in each serving? Pose this question to an Acai Juice company and see what reply you get.

What is the source of your Acai?

Perfect Acai exclusively uses Earthfruits 100% Freeze Dried Organic Acai. Earthfruits Acai is Fairly Traded. Earthfruits Acai is certified organic - click here to see the Organic Certification.

Click here to read why Perfect Acai only uses Earthfruits Acai

Acai Juices :
Ask your Acai juice company where they purchase their Acai from. Acai is a very delicate fruit that can go rancid within 24 hours of being picked if not freeze dried or frozen. We strongly feel that Earthfruits Acai is the best source for Acai and is the only Acai we would use if making a juice product.

Unfortunately most Acai Juice companies will not tell you where there Acai comes from.

How is your Acai processed? Puree? Freeze Dried? Spray Dried?

The only ingredient in the Perfect Acai is 100% Organic Freeze Dried Earthfruits Acai. Earthfruits uses Liotecnica in Brazil to do the freeze drying. Liotecnica has been in the food dehydration business for over 45 years and is considered a world leader in the freeze drying process (in addition they have received a patent on their freeze drying technique).

Freeze Dried Acai is about 7 times as concentrated as Acai Puree.

Acai Juices :
You want to look on the label of your Acai Juice and see what type of Acai they use. Freeze Dried Acai is the most concentrated form of Acai (6-7 times as concentrated as acai puree). Acai Puree is still a good source of Acai, just remember that it would take about 7 grams of Acai puree to equal 1 serving of the Perfect Acai.

Ask your Acai Juice company exactly how they process their Acai - you have a right to know.

I am concerned about the state of the Amazon Rainforest - is your product Fairly Traded and Sustainable?

Perfect Acai exclusively used Earthfruits Acai. All Earthfruits Acai is fairly traded and sustainable. In addition, Earthfruits works closely with the people of Amazon Rainforest to help them maximize their profits from the Acai trade. For example, Earthfruits has helped growers of Acai create a business for selling Acai seed jewelery. Since the Acai seed is not eaten, many of the locals started making jewelery out of the Acai seeds. Earthfruits has provided assistance in terms of business training and funds, so the people of the Amazon can profit from the jewelery they make.

When you purchase Perfect Acai you know that the indigenous people of the Amazon have been paid a living wage to harvest the Acai. In fact, the people of the Amazon can make more money selling Acai than they could chopping down the Acai Palm Tree and selling its lumber! This is only possible because Earthfruits often pays DOUBLE the market price for Acai.

Acai Juices:
We strongly recommend you check with your Acai Juice company to see if they use Fairly Trade and Sustainable Acai. Yes it cost more to use Fairly Trade Sustainable Acai, but if you are at all concerned about the Amazon Rainforest, it is money well spent.

Do you use the Acai Seed in your product?

No, No and NO! The Acai berry is 90% seed, with only 10% of the berry edible (the skin and pulp). In the Amazon Rainforest, they eat the skin and pulp of the Acai berry and discard the seed. All the research and nutritional information we discuss is based on just the Acai berry skin and pulp. When you hear Dr. Perricone, Dr. Oz and every other expert discuss the amazing nutritional profile of the Acai berry - they are talking about just the skin and pulp.

Our Perfect Acai is made just from the skin and pulp of the Acai Berry - never the seed! This means if we have 100 pounds of fresh picked Acai berries - 90 pounds is waste product (the seeds). This leaves us with 10 pounds of acai skin and pulp (acai puree). We then freeze dry this Acai puree at a 7 to 1 ratio, so we end up with 1.42 pounds of freeze dried Acai powder. As you can imagine, having to use 100 pounds of Acai berries to get just 1.42 pounds of freeze dried Acai powder is an expensive proposition - but well worth it given the nutritional properties of the freeze dried powder.

Interesting Side Note: What do companies like Earthfruits do with all their Acai seeds? They are using the seeds for jewelery and some companies are using the seeds as a renewable energy source! Factories in the Amazon that used to burn wood for fuel are now using Acai seeds. As we say... Acai Seeds, Fine for Fuel NOT for Food.

Acai Juices:
While most Acai juices do not mix Acai seed into their products, we are sad to say that some companies do. There are Acai Juice products that are using "the whole Acai berry" - this means seed and all. Some of these juices then claim to have 30,000mg of Acai - but since 90% of that is seed - you are left with only 3 grams of edible Acai puree.

We strongly recommend you check with your Acai Juice company to see if they are crushing Acai seeds and mixing it into their juice. Our advice is to avoid products that use the Acai seed.

What is the format of your product? Liquid or capsules?

Perfect Acai comes in capsule form. One bottle has 120 vegetable capsules, with 500mg of pure Freeze Dried Acai per capsule. There are no other ingredients. Users can swallow the capsules or open them up and add the Acai to a smoothie, yogurt, ice cream, juice, tea or just water.

Perfect Acai can be stored at room temperature and does not need to be refrigerated.

Acai Juices:
Obviously Acai Juices come in juice form (this was an easy one)! Still, there are different types of juice - concentrate, puree, etc. Also, some Acai juices will require refrigeration and need to be consumed within 30 days of being opened.

What is the price per serving of your product?

One serving is 2 capsules and there are 120 capsules in a bottle. One bottle is $39.95 and if you buy 3 bottles the price drops down to $29.95 a bottle. One serving of Perfect Acai will cost between 50 and 67 cents.

Acai Juices:
Each Acai Juice has a different price point, but they tend to average well over $2 a day. If you are able to get answers to how much Acai is in each serving, how it is processed and where it comes from - you can then compare the price per serving to our Perfect Acai.

Conclusions on Acai Juices
versus Perfect Acai™

Our issue with most Acai juice products is the mystery that surrounds them. Most Acai Juices are proprietary blends and provide very little information about how much Acai is in each bottle, where it came from and how it is processed. While there are some decent Acai juices on the market, there are many others which have very little nutritional benefit.

If you want to fairly compare our Perfect Acai to any Acai Juice, you will want the Acai Juice company to answer all the questions in this article and then you can do a fair and true comparison.

We believe in keeping things simple. If you have heard of Acai and want to try Acai - why not just take Acai? The Perfect Acai is simply 100% Organic Pure Earthfruits Freeze Dried Acai. Nothing else added, no proprietary formula, no MLMs - simply the best Acai in the world! Why complicate life? Sometimes simple is best.

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