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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) on
the Perfect Acai Revive™

What is the difference between the Perfect Acai™ and the Perfect Acai Revive™?

As you can tell from the information on our website, we are huge fans of the Acai Berry. Our Perfect Acai™ supplement is 100% Pure Freeze Dried Organic Acai. There is nothing added to this formula, just pure Acai and the way to go if you want Acai in its most pure form.

Each Bottle of Perfect Acai™ has 60 servings with 1,000mg of Acai per serving. You can order the Perfect Acai here.

Our Perfect Acai REVIVE™ combines Freeze Dried Organic Acai with Rhodiola Rosea, Cordyceps and Grape Seed Extract. This formula combines the Acai with some terrific adaptogen herbs to increase energy and decrease stress.

Each Bottle of Perfect Acai REVIVE™ has 60 servings with 540mg of Acai, 810mg of Cordyceps, 120mg of Rhodiola Rosea and 120mg of Grape Seed Extract per serving. You can order the Perfect Acai REVIVE here.

Can the Perfect Acai™ and the Perfect Acai Revive™ be used together?

YES! A staff favorite is every morning to take 3 capsules of the Perfect Acai Revive™ and 1 capsule of the Perfect Acai™. In the afternoon we repeat this same dose. So, at the end of the day we have taken 6 capsules of Perfect Acai Revive™ and 2 capsules of Perfect Acai™ . We like this because we get over 2,000mg of Acai per day and all the great ingredients from the REVIVE.

Just to be clear, you absolutely can take just the Perfect Acai Revive™ or just the Perfect Acai™ - they are both made to work as stand alone products. We just love our Acai, so we like to take a little extra each day!

Who can benefit from the Perfect Acai REVIVE™?

Endurance athletes will see tremendous benefits from the Perfect Acai REVIVE™ . The combination of ingredients will help increase energy, endurance, stamina and oxygen capacity. Anyone doing high altitude training can really benefit from the increased oxygen capacity with the Perfect Acai REVIVE™.

That being said, anyone who could use some extra energy, a boost in libido, a stress reliever and something to help them feel more alive - can see benefit from the Perfect Acai REVIVE™ . We made the Perfect Acai REVIVE™ for athletes, but we are seeing more and more people of all ages and fitness levels see great results with the Perfect Acai REVIVE™.

How quickly will I see results with the Perfect Acai REVIVE™?

While some people will see results in a matter of days with the Perfect Acai REVIVE™, we recommend you use it as directed for at least 2-4 weeks. The Perfect Acai REVIVE™ is working to rebalance your body and increase energy at a cellular level. Rather than just pump you full of stimulants such as caffeine, the Perfect Acai REVIVE™ is working to create long lasting energy results by helping the ATP energy cycle.

Many of our athletes will take the Perfect Acai REVIVE™ and feel an immediate benefit in endurance and oxygen capacity, but we still recommend taking it on a daily basis to see best results.

What can I expect to see with the Perfect Acai REVIVE™?

While everyone is different, in general you should feel better and more alive! We know this sounds like marketing copy, but you do just feel happier and healthier when using the Perfect Acai REVIVE™.

Within days of starting the Perfect Acai REVIVE™ you should notice you are sleeping better and probably dreaming more. You will feel better energy throughout the day and better mental clarity. Your ability to deal with stressful events should improve and you will feel more relaxed. If you exercise, you will notice an increase in your energy and stamina - in addition your lungs will feel stronger.

Activities that used to wind you or drain you of energy will not have that same effect on you. Running, chopping wood, mowing the lawn, cycling, chores... you will just feel much less wiped out after doing these activities.

As we said, specific results vary from person to person - but if you stick with the Perfect Acai REVIVE™ for at least 1 month you will notice you just feel better, revived and more alive!

Is there anyone who should not use the Perfect Acai REVIVE™?

We do not recommend the Perfect Acai REVIVE™ for anyone under 18 years old. If you have children who want to take Acai, we highly recommend our pure Acai product - Perfect Acai.

If pregnant, nursing, or taking prescription drugs, consult your health care practitioner prior to use.

As always, you should consult with your doctor before starting any new supplement program.

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