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Why Perfect Acai Revive™ Should Have
Never Been Made!

Most companies tell you all the reasons they made their supplement, but here we will tell you all the reasons that people in the supplement industry told us to NEVER make our Perfect Acai Revive™. Why tell you all this? Because we are different, and different is good...

At Power Discovery we spent over 8 months researching ingredients to use in our Perfect Acai Revive™. Once we finally decided on our formula we looked at what other's in the supplement industry would say about our Perfect Acai Revive. We got strange looks, people telling us our product was too expensive to make, our margins were too low and we were crazy to try to market it. Upon hearing all this... We Knew We Had the Perfect Product!

Different Is Good

We don't try to make trouble, we really don't - but I guess we just see things differently than most companies in this industry. To us, the goal of any supplement is to be safe and effective. End of story. If we can make a small profit by helping people, great - but it all starts with a supplement that really works.

Here are the reasons we were told Perfect Acai Revive makes no sense…

  1. Nobody wants to take 6 capsules a day - make it 3 capsules a day maximum

What We Were Told:

It is fact that consumers don't like taking a lot of pills, so the less they have to take the better. People are more likely to buy if you tell them they just have to take 3 capsules a day. One capsule a day is ideal, but if you must, you can go to 3 capsules a day maximum.

Our Response - Why Different Is Good

We would love to be able to offer everything the Perfect Acai Revive has to offer in 1 - 3 capsules, of course there is the slight problem that the one capsule would need to be the size of a golf ball!

Again, we looked at the science and clinical studies to determine how much of each ingredient the average person would need to take each day. We wish all the ingredients would fit in 3 capsules - but that is not possible. We have smart clients, given the choice between taking 3 capsules twice a day and feeling alive, energetic and young or taking just 3 capsules a day and not seeing significant results - our clients will happily take the 6 capsules.

  1. The bottle is just too large (180 caps)

What We Were Told:

The Perfect Acai Revive comes in a large 180 capsule bottle. This makes the product expensive to make and expensive to ship. We were told to just do a 90 capsules bottle - "it would sell better".

Our Response - Why Different Is Good

While we do think our big blue bottle is pretty - we are not in the business of making bottles - we make effective supplements. Science dictates that most clients will need to take 6 capsules a day, so if our math is correct a 1 month supply is 180 capsules.

We do not believe in tricks of offering a small bottle that only lasts 15-20 days. A bottle should last 1 month or more and that is why we made the 180 capsule bottle.

  1. Do a proprietary formula - don't let your competitors know your formula

What We Were Told:

Do a proprietary blend of acai, cordyceps, rhodiola and grape seed - and just list the total amount in the blend. Do not tell people how much of each ingredient is in the Perfect Acai Revive. This way the competition can not copy you and you can just blend it up so you have the most of the cheapest ingredient and least of the most expensive ingredient.

Our Response - Why Different Is Good

This one flat out drives us crazy! You have every right to know exactly what you are putting into your body. Will the competition copy our formula? We are sure they will - but we don't answer to the competition we answer to you. We make an effective formula for you and then completely share every detail about it so you can decide if it is right for you.

We are 100% AGAINST proprietary formulas - we are proud of our formula and tell you exactly what it is so you can do your own research and make an informed decision when comparing products.

  1. If you have 4 ingredients you like, sell 4 different products - you make more money that way.

What We Were Told:

Every few months you want to have something new to sell to your customers, so it makes no sense to put all your favorite ingredients in one formula. You will make much more money by making 4 supplements and releasing a new supplement every few months.

Our Response - Why Different Is Good

We are sure the experts are right - making lots of different supplements is the way to make more money. We feel like a broken record but… our goal is to make the most effective supplement we can, not maximize profits (a prime reason we would never make it as a publicly traded company).

Our scientific research shows that all the ingredients in the Perfect Acai Revive work well together and the synergy between the ingredients leads to an end product that is greater than the sum of its parts.

  1. Find the cheapest source for each ingredient

What We Were Told:

Since you insist on doing a blend of expensive ingredients in a non-proprietary formula, your best bet to increase profits is to source the cheapest supplier for each ingredient. In a capsules, no one can tell if your Acai is fresh or your Rhodiola is freeze dried - it all looks the same.

Our Response - Why Different Is Good

This is another one that makes us want to take a shower every time we hear it. The fact that you could get away with putting inferior, cheap ingredients in your capsule does not mean you should do it! We use only 100% Organic, Freeze Dried Acai. We use only 100% Organic Cordyceps from Aloha Medicinals (tested 50 times as powerful as other sources of cordyceps) and we are one of the only companies to use freeze dried Rhodiola Rosea direct from Siberia.

We do all this why? Come on, say it with us… our goal is to make the most effective supplement…

  1. If you are doing an energy supplement you need to spike it with caffeine

What We Were Told:

You want to give people an instant buzz, so talk about the benefits of your ingredients but add some caffeine so they feel a buzz and think all the other ingredients are working.

Our Response - Why Different Is Good

The point of the Perfect Acai Revive is to provide long lasting energy, stamina and endurance. You do this by making improvements at a cellular level to how the cells produce and utilize energy. While it can take a few days for this improvements to kick in, they are substantial and long lasting.

Caffeine is a stimulant that just provides a quick boost in energy. Yes, if we added caffeine you might think it was all of our other ingredients giving you more cellular energy - but in the end it could just be the caffeine. By not including caffeine, it may take a little longer to work, but when you feel fantastic you will know it is due to our ingredients working on a cellular level - not just a quick stimulant rush from caffeine.

We really don't want to knock everyone in the supplement industry, there are some great companies - but it is scary how some companies do business. There is only one thing that drove every decision we made - make an effective supplement.

We are different, the Perfect Acai Revive is different - and that is a good thing.

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