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African Mango, Dr Oz and The Truth on Weight Loss

Why does it seem like every weight loss supplement in the world claims to be recommended by Dr Oz? Has Doctor Oz ever talked about African Mango or IGOB131 on his show before? Did he say it helps with weight loss? Did Dr Oz recommend a specific brand of African Mango? We will answer all these questions and more in this article...

Let's Go to The Source, Dr. Oz!

We really do not understand why there is so much debate on what Dr. Oz said in regards to African Mango and weight loss. It is not like Doctor Oz is a recluse who never speaks publicly! We can simply go to Dr. Oz's website to find out exactly what he said about African Mango.

Take a look at this quick clip, it goes through the Dr Oz website and shows exactly what was said regarding African Mango -

Click To View Exact Quotes From Dr Oz

We believe the clip does an excellent job of showing exactly what was said by Dr Oz. For the record, let's just clear a few points up...

  • The segment on Dr Oz was About Helping Women Over 40 Lose 10 Pounds
  • Yes, African Mango was referred to in the "Miracle in your medicine cabinet that will help you lose 10 pounds" segment.
  • Yes, First Magazine For Women (Jan 2012), Does Feature Dr. Oz on the Cover and Talks About the Importance Of Using IGOB131

We highlight that last point, because that is where most of the confusion comes from. You will see endless websites showing their brand of African Mango and then a picture of Dr Oz and the words "Recommended by Dr Oz". A normal person will come away from this thinking that Dr Oz recommended the specific brand which is shown right under his picture with the words "Recommended by Dr Oz". Of course, this is just tricky deception.

Read the site literally, and it never says Dr Oz recommend their specific brand...because he never did! The company is trying to trick you into believing that Dr. Oz's recommendation of African Mango for weight loss, is really an endorsement for their specific product. Do NOT fall for this trick!

So, How Do We Find An African Mango Brand That Get's The Results Dr Oz Talked About?

It does take a little detective work and research. First, let's start with exactly what was said on the Dr. Oz website -

The Obstacle: Weight Gain

The changes in hormones that women in their 40s experience often cause weight gain, particularly around the midsection.

The Breakthrough: Irvingia

Taking 150 mg of this African mango seed extract twice daily has been shown to help decrease weight and waist circumference.

-From 5/26/2011 article on Doctor Oz website

First, just so we are clear - Irvingia (or Irvingia Gabonensis) - is just the formal name for African Mango. Now, let's break down what Dr. Oz really said...

  • He gave us the dosage - "Taking 150 mg....twice daily"
  • He gave us the type of African Mango we should use - "African mango seed extract"
As we explain in our article on African Mango, there has only been one African Mango Seed Extract that has been the subject of peer reviewed, published clinical studies - IGOB131. IGOB131 is the patented form of African Mango seed extract that was used in the clinical studies, and it is well known that Dr. Oz always looks for ingredients that have been subject to clinical studies.

It then seems very clear that if we want to get the results that Dr. Oz is talking about, we need to find an African Mango supplement that is made with pure IGOB131 and has a dosage of 150 mg per serving.

Which Pure IGOB131 Supplement is the Best?

Unfortunately, the vast majority of African Mango supplements do NOT have any IGOB131. How can you tell? Simply look at the Supplement Facts panel of the label. If the Ingredient list does NOT have IGOB 131 at 150 mg per serving, you are not getting what was used in the clinical studies. This is an absolute fact, that can not be debated. Companies can write all about their "blend of African Mango" and how powerful their African Mango is, but the only African Mango to be shown to increase weight loss in published clinical studies is IGOB 131.

Luckily, there are a few African Mango supplements that contain IGOB 131. When comparing these supplements, you want to find the one that is most pure. In all of our research, we could only find one African Mango supplement that contained 150 mg of Pure IGOB131 per serving, and ABSOLUTELY NO OTHER INGREDIENTS.

The Perfect African Mango Is The Most Pure IGOB131 Supplement On The Market -

African Mango Label
Click to View Larger Image of Label

The thing that really makes the Perfect African Mango stand out from the crowd is that it contains NO fillers or flow agents. Take a look closely at the ingredient label above - you have IGOB131 and the capsule it comes in, NOTHING ELSE. No magnesium stearate, rice or silica. No other ingredients at all - just 100% Pure IGOB131.

Learn More About Perfect African Mango

Now that we know exactly what Dr Oz had to say about African Mango, please read our full research article on African Mango. In addition, you can learn where to buy Perfect African Mango (if it is in stock - it goes quickly).

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