Why 90% of the Acai and Resveratrol Supplements on the Market May be Genetically Modified!

by Dan-N on February 9, 2010

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The Acai Berry is a beautiful little purple berry that grows in the Amazon Rain Forest. Resveratrol is a natural component of grapes that may help you live longer and healthier. Many people choose to use Acai and Resveratrol because they believe in natural foods over man made prescription medicines. This is why it is so sad to report that over 90% of the Acai and Resveratrol supplements on the market are probably made with genetically modified material!

One of the Darkest Supplement Industry Secrets – Magnesium Stearate!

As this blog is called Supplement Secrets Exposed, it seems only right that we are the ones to expose one the best kept secrets in the industry – the magnesium stearate secret! Go ahead and grab a bottle of any supplement you have in the house… don’t worry, we will wait….

Got it? Now take a look at the “Other Ingredients” listed toward the bottom of the label in tiny print. There is a 95% chance you are holding a supplement that uses magnesium stearate as a other ingredient.

What is Magnesium Stearate?

So what is this funny ingredient in almost every supplement on the market?

“Magnesium Stearate is the magnesium salt or stearic acid from plant or animal sources, which is a saturated fatty acid used as an anti-caking agent and as an emulsifier.”

-Don’t Eat Database

Wow, there are a few disturbing words in there – animal sources and saturated fatty acids. If you are a vegetarian and/or trying to limit saturated fatty acids – pretty disturbing to find out the magnesium stearate in your supplement may be made from animal fat! But it only gets worse…

Why Would Magnesium Stearate be Genetically Modified?

“This substance (magnesium stearate) is most likely made from genetically modified soy or corn. In the US over 80% of the soy and corn crops have been genetically modified.”

-Don’t Eat Database

Yikes! What this means is that while the Acai or Resveratrol in a supplement may be Non-GMO – the magnesium stearate can be genetically modified and therefore the whole supplement contains GMO.
Of course this is not limited to just Acai and Resveratrol supplements – any supplement that has magnesium stearate is going to have these same issues.

Avoid Magnesium Stearate – You Do Have a Choice!

The take away from all this – avoid supplements that have magnesium stearate. The only reason that supplement companies use magnesium stearate is that it makes it cheaper to encapsule the ingredients – there is absolutely no advantage for the consumer.

The good news is, if you look around you can find supplements that do NOT use magnesium stearate. One of the reasons we love the Perfect Acai and the Perfect ResGrape Resveratrol is that they have NO magnesium stearate.

Well, now you know the dirty little secret about Magnesium Stearate – let’s pass this along, let everyone know and let’s all say NO to Magnesium Stearate!

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{ 3 comments… read them below or add one }

Bill Sardi February 10, 2010 at 1:56 pm

This is total crap. Resveratrol is derived from a wild-grown weed (Giant Knotweed) and is not harvested from crops where GMO seed is used or where pesticides are utilized. This is false advertising.

admin February 10, 2010 at 2:24 pm

Hi Bill,

Thanks for your comment. I think you missed the point of our post. It is not the resveratrol which we are concerned about, it is the magnesium stearate that is in most resveratrol supplements that may well be GMO. A company that makes a resveratrol supplement, which uses magnesium stearate, could make this claim – “Our resveratrol is Non-GMO” – this can be a true statement. The problem is the magnesium stearate in their supplement is GMO. So, the following statement would also be true – “Our Resveratrol Supplement is made with GMO ingredients.” You can see how confusing that is to a consumer.

Our point to our readers is simply this – given that some Resveratrol supplements ARE made with magnesium stearate and some Resveratrol Supplements are made WITHOUT magnesium stearate – why would you ever choose one that uses the magnesium stearate?

Bob May 1, 2010 at 12:48 pm

Nice product. I’m sure I could benefit from this product but I will never know. The cost is prohibitive!

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