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Nature's Solution to Toxins?

Let's face it, we live in a toxic world! We are not talking about just the obvious toxins like smoke and pollution, but the invisible toxins like lead, mercury and other heavy metals that can make its way into our food supply. Maybe you are trying to eat healthy, increase your consumption of fish to get more Omega-3's in your diet - but what if that fish is also increasing the mercury in your body? Eating more fruits and vegetables? Great...unless they have dangerous pesticides on them!

No, Don't Order Some Super Detox Supplement!

Most companies scare you about the amount of toxins you may ingest and then get you to buy their chemically produced supplement that is supposed to cleanse your body of toxins. Use a chemical supplement to get toxins out of your body? Sounds like the solution may be worse than the problem!

Chlorella - Nature's Solution to Toxins

Chlorella, a micro algae that has been growing on this planet for about 2 Billion years, has been shown to be highly effective in removing toxins from the body. Unfortunately, this all natural solution does have some side effects... it can increase energy, boost your immune system and promote growth and repair of tissues!

Intrigued By Chlorella? So Are We!

The idea that a simple plant that grows in fresh water could have such significant health benefits, got our attention. The more we researched and learned about Chlorella, the more impressed we became. Chlorella even gives you fresh breath! Okay, we are getting ahead of ourselves, let's start from the beginning...

What is Chlorella

Information Guide on Chlorella
Introduction to Chlorella
What is Chlorella and Why Should I Care?
Health Benefits of Chlorella
Tips for Finding The Best Source of Pure Chlorella

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