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Finding the Best Source of Chlorella

After reading our last article on Chlorella Health Benefits, you are probably anxious to add Chlorella to your diet. However, first we need to look at how to find the best source for pure Organic Chlorella...

Is All Chlorella The Same?

NO, NO and NO! Chlorella is a living algae and its nutritional makeup will reflect the environment in which it lives. As Chlorella is grown in the water, you need to make sure the Chlorella you purchase comes from pristine waters. You would NOT want to get Chlorella that comes from water that lacks nutrients and has unsafe levels on heavy metals and toxins!

You know the saying - "You Are What You Eat" - well it applies to Chlorella as well. If Chlorella lives in polluted water where it eats heavy metals, it will be filled with heavy metals. If Chlorella grows in an environment where it is not exposed to the sun, the chlorella will not have the same nutrients as chlorella which is naturally grown under the sun and in pristine waters.

What is the Fuss About Cracked Cell or Broken Cell Chlorella?

Let's say you found your way to the most pristine and beautiful lake of fresh water and sitting on top of the water was Chlorella. You would think that eating this pure, never touched by human hands Chlorella would be a great way to get the benefits of Chlorella. Unfortunately, you would see very little in terms of health benefits because the Chlorella cell wall was not cracked or broken.

Chlorella has a strong cellular wall and our body can not digest this wall. So, if you have Chlorella in its most natural form, your body never gets the nutrients in the Chlorella, since they are trapped behind the cell wall. For this reason, you want to take Chlorella that is Broken Cell Wall Chlorella or Cracked Cell Wall Chlorella. This simply means that the cell wall is broken and ALL the nutrients in Chlorella are available to your body.

Simply put, ONLY buy Chlorella that is Broken Cell Wall Chlorella.

Great, So I Just Get Broken Cell Wall Chlorella And I Am All Set?

Not exactly. You still want to learn more about how the Chlorella is grown and processed.

To help you out, here are some questions you should ask before buying any Chlorella Supplements -

Is Your Chlorella Broken Cell Wall Chlorella?

For the reasons describe above, a yes answer here is absolutely essential.

Is Your Chlorella Certified Organic?

A yes answer here is absolutely essential. The amount of run off of toxins and pesticides from land into the water supply is terrifying! If the Chlorella you purchase is not certified Organic, you can not be certain that harmful pesticides and heavy metals are kept out of your Chlorella. What horrible irony if you are buying Chlorella to detoxify and the Chlorella itself has toxins!

Ask to see the Organic Certification on their Chlorella. If a company can not prove they use Certified Organic Chlorella, this would be a deal breaker for us.

Can You Provide Tests That Show Your Chlorella is Free of Heavy Metals?

When eating anything from the sea, you need to make certain you are not consuming large amounts of toxic heavy metals. A good Chlorella supplier will test their Chlorella for heavy metals. Ask to see test results showing that their Chlorella is free of heavy metals. After all, the last thing you want to do is increase the heavy metals in your diet!

Is the Chlorella Fair Trade Certified?

We feel that healthy foods should be good for everyone involved in the production and harvest of the food. It is wrong for us to eat healthy Chlorella while the people who harvested and processed the Chlorella do not make enough money to feed their family. We firmly believe that whenever possible you should purchase Fair Trade certified foods. If you see a Fair Trade certification on the package, you know that all the people who were involved in the production of the food are paid a healthy, living wage.

Ask Where The Chlorella Is Grown?

We strongly believe you have the absolute right to know where all the food you eat comes from. Ask the Chlorella supplier where they grow the Chlorella - you deserve to know!

Ask To See the Nutrition Analysis of Their Chlorella

In the end, the proof is in the numbers. The nutritional content of Chlorella can vary greatly based on where it is grown, how it is harvested and how it is processed. Asked to see testing that shows all the nutrients in Chlorella and their percentages. We think you will be shocked to see how the nutritional content of Chlorella varies from supplier to supplier.

Do They Offer a 100% Money Back Guarantee?

Every company should stand behind their product. If a Chlorella manufacturer does not offer a 100% Money Back Guarantee, this would be a red flag to us.

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The Chlorella We Recommend

We firmly believe that the Perfect Aquatic Greens supplement and the Perfect Chlorella are the best Chlorella products on the market. Perfect Aquatic Greens is made with 100% Certified Organic Chlorella and 100% Certified Organic Spirulina and the World's Only Fair Trade Certified Chlorella and Spirulina!

If you just want pure Organic Chlorella, with nothing else added, go with the Perfect Chlorella - 100% Organic Chlorella.

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