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Cordyceps Sinensis
The Miracle Mushroom?

Cordyceps Sinensis does not exactly roll off your tongue, but this fungus with a funny name has a very impressive resume...

  • A history of use in China and the Orient of over 1,500 years
  • Prized by members of the Emperor's court and other Chinese Nobility for its healing powers
  • Due to it's rarity and power, one of the most expensive medicinal foods in the world
  • Subject of over 300 clinical studies
  • Credited for helping the Chinese Olympic team shatter track and field records
  • Named one of the best energy booster by Alternative Medicine Magazine (10/2004)

How can one little mushroom (which is technically not even a mushroom - more on that later) have such powerful effects? Cordyceps Sinensis (or dong chong xia cao as it is called in China) has been a staple of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) for over 1500 years. Today, the Western World has come to appreciated the amazing health properties of Cordyceps. How did it all get started? To answer this question we need to go back about 1500 years ago and see why a herd of Yaks was acting so feisty...

Cordyceps Sinensis - The Big Picture

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Cordyceps - The Big Picture
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