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Health Benefits of Cordyceps Sinensis

In our last article we learned what Cordyceps Sinensis is and how it was discovered. In this article we will examine the health benefits of Cordyceps and look at what you can expect when taking Cordyceps.

What is Cordyceps Sinensis used for?

Here are just some of the most prominent uses for Cordyceps Sinensis...

  • Increase energy, endurance and stamina
  • Increase oxygen capacity
  • Battle weakness and fatigue
  • Boosts lung function and capacity
  • Boosts the immune system
  • Improves sexual function

It sounds like athletes would love Cordyceps Sinensis, do athletes use Cordyceps?

Yes! Cordyceps is very popular with endurance athletes of all types. Cyclists, Runners, Mountain Climbers, Swimmers and Triathletes are just some of the athletes who have used Cordyceps with great success.

In 1993 at the Chinese National Games the Chinese Women's Track and Field team shattered 9 world records. The fact that one team could shatter 9 world records at a single event was amazing, the fact that it was the little known Chinese Track and Field team made it even more incredible.

People immediately began to investigate what the Chinese were doing to see such great performance gains. The secret as revealed by their coach? You guessed it - a drink made with Cordyceps! Of course, hard training and diet were also key, but the coach does credit the Cordyceps for helping his team with energy and oxygen capacity.

While we don't claim anyone taking Cordyceps will suddenly start smashing records, if you are an athlete and looking for a boost in energy, endurance and oxygen capacity - you will want to give Cordyceps a try (of course, for the ultimate revitalizing formula we recommend our Perfect Acai Revive - more on this later).

Is there any benefit to non-athletes from taking Cordyceps?

Yes! You do NOT need to be an athlete to need more energy, endurance and stamina. What about a stronger immune system and improved sexual function? Simply put, anyone looking for a boost, a pick-me-up and something that can help them feel more vibrant and alive can see benefit from taking Cordyceps.

Interestingly, a large population of elderly people have started to turn to Cordyceps to help them feel healthier and younger. It should be no surprise to see that world renown Medicine Hunter, Chris Kilham had this to say about Cordyceps...

"In elderly patients, cordyceps improved a number of quality of life parameters, including general physical condition, mental health, appetite, vitality, sexual drive and cardiac function. In effect, cordyceps helps to turn back the aging clock.

Remarkably, no down side or side effects are known for cordyceps. Is there an all-around supplementary super agent? Cordyceps is ample evidence that the answer is yes."

- Chris Kilham (

Are there any other health benefits of Cordyceps?

Yes - but how much caffeine have you had today? There is an incredible amount of research on Cordyceps and potential health benefits, but it can get very scientific and technical. If you are interested in learning more about the health benefits, please read this amazing article...

Ancient Cordyceps in the Modern World by John Holliday

A full 63 pages devoted completed to Cordyceps. John Holliday is considered one of the foremost experts on Cordyceps and has done amazing work on Cordyceps cultivation and research. We have been so impressed with Dr. Holliday's work that we exclusively buy the Cordyceps for our Perfect Acai Revive from Dr. Holliday.

How does Cordyceps provide all these Health Benefits?

In our next article we will look at the science behind Cordyceps Sinensis. How can a tiny mushroom provide such profound health benefits? Let's find out...

The Science behind Cordyceps Sinensis

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