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Cordyceps Sinensis Articles

Cordyceps Sinensis in the News

In this section we highlight some of the research and news media coverage on Cordyceps Sinensis.

Source:Aloha Medicinals

Headline: Ancient Cordyceps in the Modern World by John Holliday

Date: June 2004


If you want to learn everything there is to know about Cordyceps - this 63 page article is the place to start. Great information on the health benefits of Cordyceps, complete with extensive footnotes and references for further research.

Source: Alternative Medicine

Headline: The Best Energy-Boosters (click for full story)

Date: 10/01/2004


"When you look past the hype and talk to the experts, two herbs stand out as stars (rhodiola rosea and cordyceps sinensis) and another (panax ginseng) looks like a pretty good bet, too.

All are adaptogens, a class of natural substances with a unique ability to restore equilibrium throughout the body. They won’t give you a quick fix; because they affect many aspects of your body’s energy-producing system, it takes a while for the full effects to kick in. But once they do, the benefits can be substantial."

Source: New York Times

Headline: Early Birds Getting the Worms (click for full story).

Date: 9/18/93


A great article about how the Chinese Track and Field team shattered world records in 1993 by drinking Cordyceps. In China they grow Cordyceps on worms, of course the cultivated cordyceps we offer in the Perfect Acai Revive is grown on grain - no insects or animals.

Source: Alternative Medicine

Headline: The Pick Me Up Mushroom, Cordyceps (click for full story)

Date: 6/1/2004


"Researchers at the Rippe Lifestyle Institute in Shrewsbury, Massachusetts, gave a group of 131 men and women ages 40 to 70 a 3-gram cordyceps supplement every day for 12 weeks. At study’s end, the participants had raised both their aerobic capacity and their endurance— without upping their exercise level. "
Source:International Journal of Medicinal Mushrooms

Headline: Analysis of Quality and Techniques for Hybridization of Medicinal Fungus Cordyceps sinensis

Date: 2004


A very technical article - drink a strong cup of coffee before diving into this article. The article provides terrific information on how Cordyceps can be cultivated for maximum potency. In addition, the article presents information on state of the art testing for Cordyceps.

Source: Encyclopedia of Dietary Supplements: Cordyceps chapter

Headline: Cordyceps Chapter (click for full story)

Date: N/A

Quotes: The Encyclopedia of Dietary Supplements is one of the most trusted sources for information on supplements, it is no wonder that the FDA relies on this book for information. The chapter on Cordyceps was written by Aloha Medicinals and was peer-reviewed by the National Institute of Health. This is one more reason why we only use Aloha Medicinals Cordyceps in our Perfect Acai Revive.
Source: Woman's World Magazine

Headline: Magic Mushroom that Beat Carb Cravings (click for full story)

Date: 12/2007


"Cordyceps is really the champion of champions when it comes to losing weight, it's just a matter of time before everyone is using it!"

Source: PubMed.Gov

Headline: Do a Search on PubMed for Cordyceps clinical studies

Date: Ongoing


Interested in reading the clinical studies on Cordyceps? Visit and search for "Cordyceps" and you will find over 300 studies on Cordyceps. Happy Reading!

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