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Is All Cordyceps Sinensis The Same?

If you have been reading our articles, it is clear that we feel Cordyceps Sinensis is a wonderful herb. You might be saying - what is the catch? The catch with Cordyceps has been price and purity...

Cordyceps Sinensis sounds great - does it matter where my Cordyceps comes from?

Yes! If you remember from our article, Cordyceps - The Big Picture, wild Cordyceps Sinensis is extremely rare and very expensive. While Wild Cordyceps has all the nutritional benefits that we love, it may also have impurities and is not always processed in a safe manner.

On the other hand, cultivated Cordyceps Sinensis, traditionally was very safe - but it did not have the same nutritional profile of wild Cordyceps. It is believed that growing Cordyceps in a low altitude environment produced Cordyceps that was up to 50 times LESS effective than high altitude, wild Cordyceps.

So, for years consumer were stuck with two bad choices - buy expensive and possibly impure wild Cordyceps or buy cultivated, safe and ineffective Cordyceps???

Enter Aloha Medicinals to Completely Transform Cultivated Cordyceps

Dr. John Holliday and his company - Aloha Medicinals have spent years researching the best way to grow Cordyceps Sinensis in a safe, cultivated environment - while maintaining all the health benefits that wild Cordyceps Sinensis affords. Dr. Holliday experimented with different temperatures, different oxygen levels, varied growing conditions and different substrates - all while performing DNA testing to make sure the Cordyceps Sinensis he cultivated would meet the potency of wild Cordyceps.

Did Aloha Medicinals succeed in making a cultivated Cordyceps that was as powerful as wild Cordyceps?

No! Aloha Medicinals made a Cultivated Cordyceps that was 5 Times MORE potent than Wild Cordyceps!

Aloha Medicinals hard work paid off with a Cultivated Cordyceps Sinensis that is...

  • Guaranteed to be the most potent Cordyceps in the world - 5 times more potent than Wild Cordyceps
  • The only Cordyceps Sinensis that is grown in low oxygen, low temperature conditions - just like nature!
  • Guaranteed 100% DNA Certified through Independent testing to be authentic Cordyceps Sinensis
  • Guaranteed 100% USDA Certified Organic
  • Guaranteed 100% Vegetarian - Absolutely no insect residue
  • Guaranteed to be derived directly from Tibetan Strains
  • Guaranteed to be 100% American Grown in FDA registered biotech facility

How can you prove Aloha Medicinals Cordyceps is more potent than Wild Cordyceps?

Excellent question. One of the most accurate tests to identify a specific herb or botanical is High Performance Liquid Chromatography with Mass Spectrometry (HPLC/MS). Don't worry, the name makes it sound more confusing than it really is. Basically, with HPLC you measure the active ingredients (or analogs) that makeup your sample.

With Cordyceps Sinensis the analogs are HEAA (Hydroxyethyl Adenosine Analogs). An HPLC test is a very accurate way to measure the HEAA in different Cordyceps samples. The higher the HEAA - the stronger the Cordyceps. Here is the HPLC test for Aloha Medicinals Cordyceps Sinensis versus Wild Cordyceps Sinensis...

As you can clearly see, the Blue Line (Aloha Medicinals Cordyceps) peaks higher than the Red Line (Wild Cordyceps) for every single component.

In effect, Aloha Medicinals has taken the incredible Wild Cordyceps mushroom and made it 5 times stronger!

Sounds great - where can I get Aloha Medicinals Cordyceps?

We thought you would never ask! Our newest product - Perfect Acai Revive provides a daily dose of a full 1,620mg of Aloha Medicinals Organic Cordyceps Sinensis. We made the decision to exclusively use Aloha Medicinals Cordyceps because it is the purest and most potent Cordyceps in the world.

Just want a 100% Pure Aloha Medicinals Organic Cordyceps with nothing else added? Then our Perfect Cordyceps™ - 100% Organic Cordyceps Sinensis - nothing else added is the supplement for you!

You can read all about the Perfect Acai Revive here and the

Perfect Cordyceps™ - 100% Organic Cordyceps Sinensis here.


Cordyceps Sinensis is an incredible medicinal mushroom that can increase energy, endurance, stamina, libido and oxygen capacity. Athletes have long known the benefits of Cordyceps and now more and more "average" people are discovering the health benefits of Cordyceps. High price and purity issues have kept wild cordyceps from becoming a widely accepted supplement in the West. Now, Aloha Medicinals makes cultivated and extremely potent Cordyceps available to everyone.

Click here to learn more about Perfect Acai Revive - made exclusively with Aloha Medicinals Cordyceps Sinensis.

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