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More Info and FAQs About FEMME ADVANTAGE™:

Side effects reported by women
Before the release of our breakthrough formula ATP Advantage Creatine Serum, many female athletes tried powdered Creatine Monohydrate to increase their energy and tone their muscles. Unfortunately, the powdered creatine appeared to cause many side effects in women, including water retention, bloating, diarrhea, stomach cramping and a general discomfort. In short, the powder was not an ideal choice for female users... Now, with the introduction of our breakthrough formula Creatine Serum™, women who have started using our product experienced none of the afore mentioned challenges, and have been very happy with its immediate effect on their workouts and overall conditioning.
Research and development
Muscle Marketing USA went one step further and developed our new advanced formula only tailored to women of all ages - Femme Advantage™ Creatine Serum™. This new formula has been tested, evaluated and perfected for almost a year and we are happy to release it to the market starting March, 1998.
Philosophy behind Femme Advantage™
At MMUSA, we realize the need for products tailored specifically to a woman's unique supplement requirements during a health and fitness program. Unlike other supplement companies that make products directed at a "male only" market, we have introduced our new line of supplements designed exclusively for women.
What is the myth about creatine among women?
The biggest myth about creatine monohydrate is that its use will make female users "bulky" and produce huge muscle gain. Creatine is not a steroid and will not make a women "bulky" nor muscular. It does, however, aid in boosting energy while delaying fatigue during workouts, and thus ultimately reduces body fat and helps tone the body. Without exercise, the muscle will not grow by itself. Some female athletes who supplement with creatine can and do gain muscle, but this is based on specific exercise programs with a high intensity level of heavy lifting, designed to do just that.
I've heard that creatine powder cannot be stabilized in a liquid form. What about Femme Advantage™ Creatine Serum™?
Yes creatine monohydrate breaks down into a waste product creatinine after leaving it for 10 minutes or more in liquid. In order to keep the potency of creatine monohydrate, and prevent it from degrading to a waste product a stabilization process has to be implemented. MMUSA has a patent on the stability on all of its products.

Note: Many imitators try to come up with a liquid creatine that is comparable to MMUSA products, but we have proved that we are the only company who carries stabilized creatine in liquid form.

What is it about Femme Advantage™ that eliminates the side effects typically associated with powdered creatine?
The ingredients in this breakthrough formula among other things has digestive and dietary effects and produce maximum result with minimum dosage.
Benefits of Femme Advantage
  1. Increases energy and stamina
  2. Helps reduce body fat
  3. Increases muscular strength & definition
  4. Buffers lactic acid build up
  5. Delays fatigue
  6. Provides relief from symptoms caused by pms and menstrual cramping
  7. Eliminates water retention, bloating and cramping
Is Creatine Monohydrate good for bodybuilders only?
Not at all. creatine monohydrate is being used by all ages for many activities and sports. People over the age of 50 are using it for energy. Swimmers, tennis players, runners, climbers, sprinters and aerobics players are utilizing creatine effectively for peak muscular contractions and greater endurance. Femme advantage is highly recommended for all women with active lifestyles.
How many servings per bottle?
Each bottle has 5.1 ounces of stabilized liquid Creatine Serum and contains 30 servings equal to 30 workouts.
Do I have to load and maintain on the Femme Advantage Serum?
No loading or maintenance needed. The purpose of loading is to supply your body with enough of a storage of creatine in order to be utilized by the muscles during your workout. Taking the serum 10 minutes before each workout will give you the creatine storage your body requires in minutes. If you are not working out on any particular day, you will not need to take it.
What will happen if I take more than the dosage required?
Nothing at all. You will feel extra energy and more active, but no side effects from taking extra.
How do I use it?
Simply take one teaspoon (5 ml) in 4 oz glass of water or under the tongue 10 minutes before intense exercise.
How do I know that Femme Advantage™ is stable?
All our products are tested and certified by an independent lab. The independent lab seal of approval guarantees our claim of stability and a certificate of stability can be provided at customer's request.

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