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Getting Muscadine Grapes into Your Diet

If you read our last article on muscadine grape health benefits you are probably anxious to figure out a way to get muscadines into your diet. In this article we will examine some of the options available when it comes to getting muscadines into your diet.

What Type of Foods are Made With Muscadine Grapes?

Muscadine grapes can be found in almost any food where traditional red grapes are used. There are Muscadine Wines, Muscadine Grape Juice, Muscadine Jelly, Muscadine Jam and countless muscadine recipes for everything from pie to bread. In addition, fresh Muscadine grapes can be found in season at some fruit markets. Muscadines are harvested in the Southeastern USA from about late August to October. As Muscadines grown in the Southeastern USA, you are more likely to find them fresh in the fruit markets in the South East.

So, If I Eat and Drink Muscadines is that Enough to See Some Health Benefits?

Maybe. As you recall from our overview on Muscadine Grapes there are very different health properties when you look at Muscadine Seeds versus Muscadine Skin and Pulp. While the muscadine seeds contain a large amount of resveratrol and fiber, the muscadine skin contains the Ellagic Acid and other phytochemicals.

The problem with many of the muscadine foods - muscadine wine, muscadine grape juice and fresh muscadines - is that you are not getting the nutrients from the muscadine skin, pulp AND seed. When you eat a bowl of muscadine grapes, you will not eat the seeds. So, those muscadine grapes are giving you some ellagic acid which is great, but as you spit out those seeds you are spitting out Resveratrol!

Is there a Way to Get the Nutrients of the Muscadine Seeds and Skins?

Yes! In recent years, a number of the Muscadine vineyards have started to dry the muscadine skin and seeds and create muscadine powder. This muscadine powder can then be added to supplements and allow you to get the full benefits of the muscadine seed and skin.

Are There Differences Between Muscadine Supplements?

Yes! First, you could get a muscadine supplement made just with muscadine skins, or one made just with Muscadine seeds or a supplement made with a blend of skin and seeds. Obviously, we think the most health benefits will come from a muscadine supplement that is made with muscadine seeds and skins. So, you want to look for a Muscadine Supplement that is made from the whole fruit - skin, pulp and seed.

Excuse Us While We Go on A Rant About Pesticides

I think it is safe to say that many people understand some of the dangers of pesticides. Pesticides can be toxic and get into the food we eat. If you were taking a muscadine product that was made from muscadine grapes that were sprayed with pesticides, you might feel some comfort seeing lab work to show that no harmful pesticides had found its way into your supplement. Unfortunately, there is still a whole other ugly side of pesticides that the lab work does not address.

Fruits, Muscadine Grapes included, develop their antioxidants and polyphenols to protect themselves from attack. In fact, the Muscadine grape is so rich in antioxidants because it has to survive in such a harsh climate. The old saying holds very true with fruit - whatever doesn't kill you makes you stronger. Pesticides make life easy on fruits. By killing off attackers, pesticides do the work that is normally reserved for the antioxidants in the fruit. What do you think happens over time if a fruit is under less stress due to the work of pesticides? You got it - the fruit produces less antioxidants!

Twenty years ago a bottle of Red Wine from France would have 30mg of Resveratrol. Today, that same bottle may only have 3mg of Resveratrol. Wide spread use of pesticides has changes the nutrients in grapes. The problem is not just that pesticides can be toxic, it is that the pesticides are actually decreasing the nutrients found in fruits!

Nice Rant on Pesticides - But What Does This Have To Do With Muscadine Supplements?

It is very important that you find a muscadine supplement that is made from whole Muscadine Grapes that have NOT been treated by pesticides. Muscadines that have been treated with pesticides will have much lower nutritional content.

Here is a quick list of what you want in a Muscadine Supplement:

  • Made with Muscadine Grapes that have NOT been treated with pesticides
  • Uses the whole Muscadine Grape - seed, skin and pulp
  • Does NOT contain any fillers or flowing agents - just pure Muscadine Grape

Is There a Muscadine Supplement That You Recommend?

Of course! If you read through our articles on Resveratrol you know that we recommended the Perfect ResGrape™ because it has 200mg of 99% Pure Trans-Resveratrol. In addition, the Perfect ResGrape™ has 1,000mg of Muscadine Powder (seed and skin). We really love the Perfect ResGrape because it is a whole food supplement. It takes whole Muscadine Grapes and Pure Natural Resveratrol and puts it in a bottle. Perfect ResGrape™ takes the incredible power of mother nature and puts it in a bottle without adding anything else to it.

Learn All About The Perfect ResGrape


We hope you have enjoyed reading about the Muscadine Grape. We view the Muscadine as a Super Grape. Muscadine grapes show that superfruits do not have to come from some exotic location, sometimes they can be right in our backyard. You get all the great health benefits associated with Red Grapes and wine, PLUS the amazing health benefits of ellagic acid and fiber. Add some additional Resveratrol to a whole food Muscadine supplement and you have an incredible combination of some of the best Mother Nature has to offer!

If you live in the South and can get some muscadines into your diet - go for it! If you want the full nutrients of the Muscadine - seed and skin - we highly recommend the Perfect ResGrape™.

The Secrets of Perfect ResGrape

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