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Resveratrol in the Media

As we discussed in our last article, Resveratrol Health Benefits, the work done by Dr. Sinclair was ground breaking. Once the media heard about a potential pill that could prolong life and mimic the positive effects of calorie restriction, the media frenzy was on! In this article we present some of the media coverage and help separate the fact from fiction.

What Did 60 Minutes Really Say About Resveratrol?

While there have been news stories on Resveratrol in almost every media outlet, the piece that 60 Minutes did on Resveratrol has generated the most interest. Did 60 Minutes Call Resveratrol the Fountain of Youth? Did they say Resveratrol is like dieting without having to diet?

Rather, then us tell you what they said, let's just show it to you!

Below is the full 60 Minutes piece that aired on May 24, 2009. The piece is very well done and in just over 12 minutes they tell you more about Resveratrol than most 300 page books! So, invest the 12 minutes, grab a cup of coffee and watch the video -

Pretty Impressive -huh?

Clearly 60 Minutes was impressed with Resveratrol. As you just saw, there were a lot of impressive things said about Resveratrol. We do want to point out what was NOT said - 60 Minutes Never Recommended Any Brand of Resveratrol.

As you research Resveratrol supplements you will no doubt come across products that say "As Seen on 60 Minutes" or "Seen on Oprah". These are exactly the Resveratrol Supplements you DO NOT WANT TO BUY! 60 Minutes, Oprah, Dr. Oz, Barbara Walters - they all had interesting stories on Resveratrol - BUT they NEVER recommend any brand of Resveratrol. So, if you see a Resveratrol product that claims it was seen on any of these news shows, you can be pretty sure you just found a Resveratrol Scam product.

Additional Observations on 60 Minutes and Resveratrol

You Are Not Going to Be Able To Get Enough Resveratrol by Drinking Red Wine

Before you run out and try to drink Red Wine to get all the positive benefits of Resveratrol, remember what Dr. Sinclair says in the segment - you would need to drink 1,000 bottles a day to get enough resveratrol!

Resveratrol - Heading Down the Road of Patented Pharmaceutical Drug

Dr. Sinclair's company, Sirtris Pharmaceuticals (now owned by the giant Pharma company - GlaxoSmithKline) is working on chemical versions of Resveratrol. These will be released as drugs, once and if they pass all clinical testing. While drugs have their place, we firmly believe that making resveratrol into a drug and eliminating all the other polyphenols found in Red Wine and grapes is a mistake.

Resveratrol Represents Just One of Thousands of Polyphenols Found in Red Grapes

We will talk about this more in a future article, but for now just wanted to point out that we see two different types of Resveratrol coming to market - chemical, drug based resveratrol and natural resveratrol extracted from foods, complete with other healthy polyphenols.

What is the Best Way to Take Resveratrol Today?

While we are all for getting our nutrients via the food we eat and drink, drinking 1,000 bottles of wine a day seems a little challenging. Yes, resveratrol is present in peanuts and some other foods, but not at high quantities where you could eat the amount of resveratrol necessary to have positive health benefits.

It is clear that if we want to take Resveratrol today in significant quantities, we need to use a Resveratrol supplement. The real question is how do you find an effective Resveratrol Supplement? Which brings us to our next article -

Navigating the Minefield of Resveratrol Supplements

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