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Rhodiola Rosea
A Russian herb that can improve all aspects of your life?

Yes, this sounds too good to be true but we can not think of another plant that could make the following claims…

  • Rhodiola has been the subject of over 190 studies over a 40 year period.
  • Classified as an adaptogen herb - balances all aspects of the body without side effects.
  • Used by the Soviets in the Olympics to increase speed and endurance
  • Rhodiola produced such positive effects on stamina, energy and reducing stress than the Soviet Military classified the research as Top Secret during the Cold War
  • Secretly used by Soviet astronauts to increase stamina and performance while in space.
  • Named the best energy booster by Alternative Medicine Magazine (10/2004)

The story of the Rhodiola Rosea root reads like a Soviet Spy story. The Soviet Union during the 60's conducts hundred's of top secret studies on Rhodiola and uses it as a secret weapon for their military, athletes and cosmonauts. A young Soviet Soldier (Dr. Ramazanov) uses Rhodiola on the battle field to help his troops during the Afghan war. Later the Soviet Doctor who discovered Rhodiola comes to the US and starts to translate previously classified studies on Rhodiola and discovers an amazing history of positive clinical studies on this amazing root.

In time Rhodiola becomes well known by herbalist and doctors in the US and further research confirms its ability to increase energy, endurance and stamina, while reducing stress. Dr. Ramazanov works for years translating studies on Rhodiola and further refining the best ways to process the plant. Unfortunately, the Soviet Doctor, at the high of his career, dies tragically.

We know this sounds more like a spy movie then the story of an herbal supplement, but grab a cup of coffee and let's take you through the astounding and incredible world of Rhodiola Rosea...

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