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Rhodiola Rosea Articles

Rhodiola Rosea in the News and Journals

In this section we highlight some of the research, news media coverage and resources on Rhodiola Rosea. With over 200 published papers on Rhodiola Rosea, we could not list them all - but this should be enough information to get you started on your quest to become a Rhodiola Rosea expert!


Headline: Rhodiola Rosea: A Phytomedicinal Overview (click for full story). To view the article as a PDF click here

Date: 2002, Issue 56 - HerbalGram


The full monograph on Rhodiola Rosea. This 16 page scientific overview of Rhodiola Rosea by HerbalGram is great place to learn more about the science behind Rhodiola Rosea. Included are over 90 references so you can learn more about studies involving Rhodiola Rosea.

Source: Alternative Medicine

Headline: The Herb that Came in From the Cold (click for full story). To view a PDF of the article click here.

Date: 1/2005


A great article on the history, science and uses of Rhodiola Rosea. Very well written and easy to read.

"I'm generally reluctant to overhype herbs," says Mark Blumenthal, executive director of the American Botanical Council, in Austin, Texas, which published a monograph on rhodiola in its journal HerbalGram. "But the claims for rhodiola are backed up by an impressive amount of scientific research. This really is a kind of super-herb, which affects many different kinds of body processes and offers many different benefits."

Source: OPRAH & FRIENDS - Dr. Oz radio segment

Headline: Sex Enhancing Plants (click for full story)

Date: 3/6/2007


Dr. Mehmet Oz interviews Chris Kilham (professor of ethnobotany at the University of Massachusetts at Amherst and author of 13 books)...

"Rhodiola rosea is a plant native to Siberia that radically reduces cortisol levels in the blood, thereby reducing stress and enhancing sexual function, Chris says. According to Chris, dosages between 100 and 300 milligrams a day have been proven effective in human studies. Moreover, Chris says rhodiola rosea enhances brain function, mood, cardiovascular function and immune function, and boosts energy, stamina and endurance. "When you take it, you feel it, and you feel good," says Chris, who takes it every day. "I feel more energetic, more lively, more clear minded."
Source: Alternative Medicine

Headline: The Best Energy-Boosters (click for full story)

Date: 10/01/2004


"When you look past the hype and talk to the experts, two herbs stand out as stars (rhodiola rosea and cordyceps sinensis) and another (panax ginseng) looks like a pretty good bet, too.

All are adaptogens, a class of natural substances with a unique ability to restore equilibrium throughout the body. They won’t give you a quick fix; because they affect many aspects of your body’s energy-producing system, it takes a while for the full effects to kick in. But once they do, the benefits can be substantial."

Source: NewsWeek

Headline: Herbal Stress Buster? (click for full story)

Date: 2/3/2003


"But in recent years, Western journals have published some intriguing research showing improved performance in medical students during exams and physicians on night call after taking rhodiola."
Source: Alternative Medicine Magazine

Headline: Exercise Performance Enhanced by Herbal Extract (click for full story)

Date: 8/1/2005


"New research published in the International Journal of Sport Nutrition and Exercise Metabolism suggests taking an extract of rhodiola rosea (golden root or rose root) before exercising may help people exercise longer and feel more energetic while doing so."

Source: Woman's World Weekly

Headline: The Amazing Herb That Let's You Say Goodbye To Stress and Bad Moods!(click for full story)

Date: 04/2003


"When the going gets tough, the tough take rhodiola - because scientific studies have proven this herb can banish stress and depression, boost your energy and brain power and even trim your waistline effortlessly!"

Source: PubMed.Gov

Headline: Do a Search on PubMed for Rhodiola clinical studies

Date: Ongoing


Interested in reading the clinical studies on Rhodiola? Visit Pubmed.gov and search for "Rhodiola" and you will find over 200 studies on Rhodiola. Happy Reading!

Source: The Rhodiola Revolution (book)

Headline: The Rhodiola Revolution (click to learn about the book)

Date: Published by Rodale Press in 2005


If you want to learn the complete story on Rhodiola Rosea and how it is used by medical doctors, we highly recommend the book Rhodiola Revolution.

Source: Alternative Medicine Magazine

Headline: Alternative Medicine Cabinet - For the Long Run (click for full story)

Date: 6/1/2007


"Adaptogens are the name of the game,” says Julie Plunkett, a medical herbalist and certified nutritionist in San Diego. “They are nonspecific agents that prevent and reduce the damaging effects that stress has on the body.” Any physical activity out of the norm, such as doing your first 15-mile run, impacts the body, and these five herbs can help it cope. "

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